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Stacked BMX - Hydro Power Disc Brake Adapter (160mm)

Stacked BMX - Hydro Power Disc Brake Adapter (160mm)


Do you need a Hydraulic Disc brake on your stock bike? The Stacked BMX Hydro Power Hydraulic 160mm Disc Brake adapter allows you to put a disc brake on any bike with a 3/8" horizontal dropout. This fits most bikes on the market including brands like Throne, SE bikes, Haro, Crew, Mafia, Hyper and many more. Simply slide this on the axle in-between the hub & frame with the block in the dropout slot to take advantage of its stopping power. You can bolt almost any 78mm mechanical or hydraulic brake to the mount and wallah you now how disc brakes. Make sure you use a disc compatible hub we do not recommend a fixed/disc conversion (there is not a quick fix to mount a disc on a no disc hub). Most inexpensive disc compatible wheel is the mag version, the most trust worthy is the Profile Racing Elite with disc hub. Pick it up and have a wheelie good time.

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